Division 1 Bunkers

We build custom bunkers, basements and safe rooms to accommodate the inherent human desire for total home security. Preparation, regardless of any scenario is the most valuable step you can take to keep you and your loved ones safe; whether it be protection from intruders, environmental decline, natural disasters, doomsday threats and/or an unfortunate failing within our own government. We are not talking about preparing for the zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion (though we can and we have). The safety needs of the modern family arise from very present and real potential dangers. Preparing for natural disasters of more frequent violent weather such as hurricanes, tornados, or tropical storms can minimize losses with a safety room or bunker.

Whether or not an unthinkable catastrophe eventually happens, our bunkers are customized for everyone from prepper survivalists, to collectors, to the average home owner who wants to add some much needed extra living space complete with all the necessities and comforts of a secure modern home. We build commercial bunkers, basements and safe rooms as well, to provide security and shelter for your business or community.

Prepper survivalists safe room watching zombie movie

Residential / Basements

Protect your family and your family's valuables in a safe home environment. Our custom basements and safe rooms provide shelter for your family while providing extended environmentaly friendly living areas. Let us help you be prepared for man made and natural disasters. Division 1 Bunkers uses insulated concrete forms so you can relax and enjoy your peace of mind.

Steel insulated concrete commercial bunkers, vaults, ammo rooms, bullet proof, fire proof, secure, water proof, impact resistant

Commercial / DOD

Division 1 Bunkers builds with steel reinforced insulated concrete walls (ICF materials) to provide the upmost secure environment for protection of any size commercial or government facilities. We build above ground and below ground secure structures that are bullet proof, fire proof, water proof and impact resistant. To add to your security, confidentiality is strongly regarded!